Snapshot Story

Parts of Japan resembled any big city in the U.S. Obviously there are some major differences in culture, but both have tall buildings, fast food joints, shopping, standard toilets, you name it! But two very unique bathroom experiences I had involved an all-in-one toilet/bidet in no place nicer than your average Wendy’s in the heart of Tokyo. Not the hint of leisure I was expecting! And then regarding experience number two, I introduce you to this masterpiece in the photo. More common to park-type bathrooms (this one was found outside one of the prominent shrines in Kyoto) are these trough-like porcelain bowls. This is the female version, so sorry gents, I’m not sure what your throne looks like! But, not pictured was a bar secured to the wall in front allowing you to grip the bar and lean back as you squat over this very unique toilet. And believe it or not, there is a flush capability sending rushing water across the surface and down the hole. I’ll be honest, this trough toilet took me off guard, but it did the job. And at some point or another, we all have to sit, stand, or squat to relieve ourselves, so why not change it up once in a while!

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